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I need advice for mobile robot navigation

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Rejestracja: 1 sie 2018, o 14:03

I need advice for mobile robot navigation

Postautor: LarryBoyd » 4 sie 2018, o 06:20


I just have finished doing a simulation by Matlab environment for navigation a mobile robot from its initial point to goal point without collide with any obstacles dependent on the Artificial Potential Field algorithm , and it is done successfully.
Now , I would like to do that practically and I'm new to this "world" , I have built my robot with two motors and ultrasonic sensors , but the hardest part which I faced is which components should I have to get the current position (i.e. (x,y)) and the orientation (i.e. Azimuth) of mobile robot , so what is the simple approach and simple components for this task , please give me the simple solution because I am novice and I have no enough time, it is just one month and I should finish that .

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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