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Remappable pin selection for PIC18F66J94

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Rejestracja: 15 lut 2017, o 04:31

Remappable pin selection for PIC18F66J94

Postautor: kyson » 15 lut 2017, o 07:59

Hi all,
I am new to this series of controller but earlier i had worked with PIC24FJ256GB406.
In PIC24FJ256GB406 controller, any remappable pin can be configured for any type of peripheral feature for example we can map uart3RX on any of the remappable pin. There is no restriction to which remappable pin uart3rx has been connected. Based on this only i had designed my new design for PIC18F66J94 controller and got PCB fabricated also but i think i have done blunder in configuring the remappable pins.
For PIC18F66J94 controller(see datasheet http://www.kynix.com/Parts/171486/PIC18 ... %2FPT.html), remappable pins have been grouped together and divided into different groups i.e. for using U3RX any one of these remappable pins can only be used i.e. RP0,RP4,RP8,RP12,RP16,RP20RP24,RP28,RP32,RP36,RP40 and RP44.
I didn't care for this grouping while designing the schematic.
Now i need to configure 3 uart lines through remappable pins as follows
RP3->RX,RP2->TX,RP1->RX,RP0->TX,RP18->TX,RP19->RX. I can't change the RX and TX lines on the slave device as they are non-remappable.
Out of these 3 i can configure only one set of uart line i.e. RP3 as U1RX and RP2 as U1TX. I want to know if there is any other possibility without changing the hardware connection?

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Rejestracja: 17 cze 2018, o 18:54

Re: Remappable pin selection for PIC18F66J94

Postautor: lukarz » 17 cze 2018, o 18:55

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