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Buying Last Mile Delivery Software? Here are the Essential features to look for.

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Rejestracja: 10 wrz 2019, o 08:40

Buying Last Mile Delivery Software? Here are the Essential features to look for.

Postautor: Deliforce » 12 wrz 2019, o 06:31

Last-mile delivery software is effective for boosting your business. But what are the features to look for? Know it here. Before looking for a last-mile delivery software, it is important to know what this software is capable to offer to your business. It is a software or platform that enable companies to manage their delivery process until the last mile. A seamless delivery management software has a huge potential to boost the delivery process of an industry such as retail, E-commerce, Transportation, Logistics, On-demand and so on. Here are some of the important features to look for, while buying the last mile delivery tracking software:


1) Adaptive and flexible design
2) Automated Dispatching capability.
3) Smart and optimized route.
4) Real-time traceability.
5) Mobile friendly.
6) Advanced communication with Notifications.
7) Proof of delivery and e-signature.
8) Manage Data and Analytics.
9) Customer feedback and reviews
Deliforce is a Saas based company offering ultimate Last-mile delivery tracking software. The admin/Manager can assign unlimited tasks and track them in real-time. This solution can be adapted by various industries like Delivery, On-demand, Field Service, Logistics, Workforce, Retail, E-commerce to track their Field/Delivery agents work status, location, completed the task, pending tasks and other activities. Let's contact with Deliforce to get details about the solution.

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Field workforce Tracking Software

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