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Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Selfwinding 39 mm 15300ST.OO.1220ST.02 watch

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Rejestracja: 31 sie 2019, o 08:31

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Selfwinding 39 mm 15300ST.OO.1220ST.02 watch

Postautor: singlelady » 2 wrz 2019, o 03:41

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Selfwinding 39 mm 15300ST.OO.1220ST.02 watch

The new black ceramic audemars piguet royal oak watch gray disk using the calendar, and imitation rub black ceramic case and black ceramic watch chain. At this year's SIHH Geneva exhibition, Audemars Piguet launched seven new Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronographs. Four of them are rose gold models, including chain straps and belts. Three stainless steel versions, stainless steel models are all metal chain straps, no belts. So this time the launch of the new Royal Oak Chronograph, for the fans, the range of choice is relatively large. The three stainless steel models include silver, blue and black, while the rose gold models include blue and brown.Audemars Piguet is one of the earliest watch manufacturers to set up color plates and color labels in the watch industry. From the previous "Hornet", "Volcano" to "Golden Avenue", it is a popular model in the watchmaking world. . This year, Audemars Piguet once again changed the Royal Oak, and further promoted the previous color plates and color labels.

A new color scheme was introduced on the Royal Oak Offshore Diving Watch. Audemars Piguet will obviously bring the success of the "5 Tigers" offshore timing last year to the annual hot-selling offshore standard diving watch, and concentrate all the color plates, color labels and ribbons on this year's new offshore diving swiss luxury watches.

In fact, in 2016, Audemars Piguet has launched the Frost Gold version of Royal Oak. However, it is only available to customers on a small scale (whether at the SIHH Geneva exhibition or at the Basel exhibition , the media and visitors only see part of the watch, and some watches only see VIP) . Although this frost gold watch is now available for female users, when men were released in the small-scale last year, there were men who wanted to get this watch. Because everyone can see the craft of this watch is very special, very beautiful. Later, many men were eager for this watch. At this exhibition, Audemars Piguet's CEO is not wearing a special ceramic calendar, but a special frost gold watch.
In 2017, Audemars Piguet launched the Diamond Outrage Fine Jewelry Watch, adding a third masterpiece to its unparalleled collection of fine jewellery watches. As the final chapter of this "Trilogy", the Diamond Outrage Fine Jewelry is undoubtedly the master of Audemars Piguet's jewellery watch, combining the extraordinary charm of two predecessors and the brilliance of bright cut diamonds. After the launch of Diamond Punk and Diamond Fury in 2015 and 2016, the Diamond Outrage jewellery watch is an extremely rare bracelet watch, and the explosive design marks another gorgeous transformation of the fine jewellery watch in artistic style. This jewellery luxury replica watches comes in two styles, all in 18K white gold, one set with diamonds and one set with sapphires.

Audemars Piguet ( Audemars Piguet ) is a Swiss clock watch national brand, founded in 1881 , the world's top ten watches one. In 1889 the Tenth International Watch Fair held in Paris, the Audemars Piguet GRAND COMPLICATION table Tuo exhibition, exquisite design attracted a great response, fame, internationally renowned for Audemars Piguet in the table altar set a lofty status. Today, Audemars Piguet , under the leadership of the fourth generation of the Audemars and Piguet family, has achieved great success and has been highly regarded by watch connoisseurs and collectors, becoming one of the world's top ten watches.

Audemars Piguet engraved the name of the manufacturer behind each watch to show that it was responsible. In order to maintain Switzerland's reputation as a watch kingdom, there is a watch school in Switzerland to train the watch talents needed in the watch industry. An apprentice must complete a four-year course in a watch school in order to qualify as a qualified watchmaker, but to become a master of the Audemars Piguet factory, it must take another two years to qualify. Work in the ultra-thin mechanical department. Audemars Piguet insists on " . Audemars Piguet's after-sales service is well-known in the world's famous watch factories. Even if the parts have been discontinued for 20 years, as long as the inspection has stored manufacturing data, Audemars Piguet Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 39 mm 15300ST.OO.1220ST.02 can still be repaired for customers. Protect, to achieve the purpose of quality generation guarantee.


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